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Take control of a small team of contractors, hired by mysterious suits for impossible jobs against powerful corporations. Your contractors each have custom cybernetics that allow them to use a host of abilities, represented by cards. These cards are used in turn-based combat for actions such as movement, attacking, defending, and special abilities. Along with combat, you'll also encounter events, character upgrades, and black market shops as you explore each corporation. Add and remove cards from your decks to customize each character to your liking!


  • It's called Power, not mana
    • Playing cards costs Power, and the bad news is that each round your Power resets to zero. The good news is that each card can also be discarded to gain Power. Do you keep each character balanced and focus your Power on the character with the best hand each turn? Or do you make one of your characters into a recycler to fuel their killing machine companion? 
  • Game-changing cybernetic upgrades
    • Along with adding new cards to their decks, characters can also be modified through permanent Upgrades. Unlike cards, these Upgrades are always active and can greatly change how a character plays. Want to drain the life from your enemies every time they bleed? That can be arranged, at the cost of never healing through standard means again. 
  • Unique character classes
    • Each player character is represented by a different class, and each class has their own unique cards to build a deck from. The Soldier uses ranged attacks with his guns and shields to block incoming damage. The Ninja is limited to mostly melee attacks with their daggers, but can also move around the maps with ease to avoid enemy attacks entirely.
  • Random-ish levels
    • Hand-made environments and encounters are pieced together through procedural generation to build each unique level. Changing layouts, hazards, and events keep each run fresh, while enemy encounters and combat maps are designed for fun and challenge.


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Me: I wonder what would happen if you crossed XCOM with Slay the Spire?

Whispering Spider: You're welcome.

I am loving this so far.  It's a whole lot of fun and has a lot of strategic decision making.  The only thing I have a little trouble with is that there isn't really a lot of early aggro management, so it's extremely hard to keep my ninja alive until I start getting cards like Doppelganger, All for One, Meat Shield, etc.  Is there a rhyme or reason to the targeting of enemies, or is it random?  I usually have about 75% of mobs in a room targeting the ninja, so I'm not sure if this is totally random or intentional.

Either way, keep up the great work!

Thanks a lot! Those two games are definitely influences, and I hope that my game is unique enough to build off of other games that I look to for inspiration :)

As for your question about aggro management, currently enemy target selection is 100% random. Way back in the day when it was a straight SRPG things like threat, distance-to-target, and target HP were all built-in to the AI. Since making the shift to cards, however, it became super not-fun to juggle aggro on top of random abilities each turn, so enemies choose their ability, and then have a 50/50 chance to target each player character if it's an offensive ability.

For now that's how it's likely to stay, but I understand the frustration of a streak of bad luck, so at some point down the line I may add some kind of 'bad luck protection' where it will weight the other character's chances of being selected higher after consecutively choosing the same character.

Thanks again for your interest, kind words, and feedback, and keep your eye out as a pretty large patch will be released in the next day or two!

As far as looking to games for inspiration, I always think about Doom and Diablo.  Back when they were released, everyone (myself included) called similar games Doom clones and Diablo clones.  But now they are First Person Shooters and Action Role Playing Games.  

You can have a game that wears its inspiration on its sleeve and still distinguish it with unique mechanics or settings, just as Hostile Takeover does.  It's not a "Slay the Spire" clone, but a Tactical Roguelike Deckbuilder.

For the aggro portion, maybe one of the ninja's starting cards could be one that helps offset squishiness.  Dodge helps, but there are a ton of times where I need more than one move and the +3 shield doesn't usually help all that much.  Meat Shield is definitely my favorite, and doesn't push you towards a certain build like any of the clone cards would.

Anyway, just my two cents.  I'm exicted to see the new patch, and I'll be playing this a lot for the forseeable future.


Very well implemented game mechanics. Very fun for the deck-builder in me. I like the strategy of choosing between which cards to use and which to recycle. Makes combat more interesting, like a simplified version of chess. Looking forward to future updates! 

Some notes follow:

The boss could use more minions or perhaps some special moves, as he's not much challenge. I wish there was a separate screen for the Upgrades, as it seems like its going to run out of space during my 3rd loop. Plus, it would just be more visually appealing. The taunting cards should actually play some kind of sound when used. There should be an indicator and/or a lockout method for trying to purchase/choose an upgrade you already have. As such, I actually bought TWO Steroids cards from the shop thinking they would stack with the other one I had already found, when sadly all I did was waste 200+ credits.

I have some issues with combat not resolving when using the Soldier's base shotgun cards (I think its called Buckshot?). It only started happening after my 2nd loop and also after I modified one of them to have 0 cost/Trash. Since then, about a third of the time I use a Buckshot (be in the 0 cost one or not) the card will do damage but then stops and never allows me to continue my turn. The red range indicators still appear so I suspect whatever event controls the ending of that card is bugged?

Hi, thank you so much for the kind words, and especially for the feedback! 

Would you mind expanding on what you mean by a separate screen for the Upgrades? To view which upgrades you have installed? Currently you can view those when viewing your deck in the upper-left, but I know it's not ideal and it likely won't be the final way to view them.

I'll have to look into why existing upgrades are being offered up, that's definitely a bug! Right now it should just give you a generic +MaxHP mod if no other upgrades are available, but clearly that's not the case.

As for the game getting stuck after using an ability, that's an old bug that I hoped was finally resolved as of version 0.811, which was released Friday 8/11. Is that the version that you were playing? If so, it's back to the drawing board for that problem. Also if it gets stuck on you again, pressing F8 will allow you to submit a bug report which also grabs the state of all in-game objects and sends it to me, which is a huge help in tracking down bugs!

Thanks again for the interest and the feedback, it's much appreciated :)


Not a problem. I'm happy to give my feedback on something I had so much fun with.

Yes, to view which ones I have currently installed. Correct, they are shown in the upper-left when viewing your deck. My issue is that after so many loops through the game it will very likely be the case that I will run out of room for them in such a small horizontal space. That's all. It'd be nice to see their art in original size as well. That's why I was asking for a separate screen for them, pretty much identical to how you view your deck.

As far as the upgrades in the store, I never ran across one that increased my max HP (that would have been very useful!) but perhaps that's because I didn't buy every single upgrade that was offered to me, only the ones that seemed worthwhile. But yes, during my 2nd loop the store offered not one but two Steroids cards for my characters to purchase, even though I already had one installed on my Ninja.

Ahhh, I see. I currently have version 0.719 so perhaps that bug did in fact get fixed. I'll keep the F8 reporting function in mind in case things happen again. In the meantime it seems I need to download the newest version. I suspect that means it'll restart my progress, which means I still don't get to try out that third character yet LOL.

Also, nice to see a developer responding to feedback! Good on  you :)

Thanks for the additional kind words :)

When the character windows are opened I'm working on putting in tabs on the left-side to switch between characters, and tabs at the top to switch between Cards and Upgrades using the same card view. Hopefully that should help alleviate that issue!

I'll have to look into why the upgrades aren't looping properly, that one is definitely a bug. Each upgrade should never be offered twice, and since there aren't enough upgrades currently in-game to handle looping, it should just offer the +MaxHP upgrade when it runs out for now.

Currently the Engineer isn't in-game yet, so there's no progress to be lost :X The next patch is making the final changes to core systems (card removals and viruses are getting reworked) and filling out the remainder of the core cards for the Soldier and Ninja. The Engineer will likely be next, so she should be playable sometime in early October.

If you're interested in keeping up with things and providing more feedback Discord is a great place for it, and sometimes other people will chime in with their thoughts, too! If you want to join here's a link, and if not that's cool, too. Thanks again!


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Hey, no problem! I'm happy to offer constructive criticism (especially if it means the game gets better!)

Tabs would be awesome and I think a great way to save space.

I never did try to click the Engineer, so that's why I had mentioned it in my previous comment. After I had beaten the game once, her character art was in color instead of black and white so I was certain I had unlocked her. I was afraid I'd end up losing all the good stuff I'd built up already so I didn't try a new game. Speaking to that, would it be possible to have a few save slots instead of just the current game you have going?

I'm on Discord for voice acting projects so I have no problems joining your server. I'll do that now and leave these comments here. Thanks for your hard work!

Edit: BTW I just wanted to mention that I can't speak to anything regarding Viruses. I actually never died and had to gain one XD


Hi! Awesome game, have you thought about publishing to steam in the future? I work with an Indie publisher and we'd love to work with you if you are. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat or have questions. Email: deana@sedoc.net


This game is Amazing! I can't wait to see what else you have in store!


Thanks, and me too! I hope I can keep new content interesting and exciting :)


This is fantastic. It's like a cross between "Into the Breach" and "Slay the Spire" with a little bit borrowed from "X-COM."

Please finish this game! I can tell you're on the cusp of something great here.


Thank you so much! As the game has shifted into what it is today I definitely don't hide its influences. I just hope that it's unique enough to offer something different than the other games currently available :)


I love the recylcing feature, it makes the game so much more intresting, I love it!

Thanks! I think the recycling adds a lot more options and choices than a simple mana/power bar that refills every turn, and I'm glad at least one other person agrees :)


Hey! This game is really great! I appreciate the mechanical considerations and enjoy the tactical problems posed by each challenge. I'll tell my friends about it and I look froward to seeing how it will develop.

Hey, thanks a lot! I'd love to hear any feedback (especially negative) that you have. If you're interested in providing any I've got a Discord server with channels specifically for providing feedback - https://discord.gg/BdwueB6. If not, no big deal, and thanks again for playing!