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Take control of a small team of contractors, hired by mysterious suits for impossible jobs against powerful corporations. Your contractors each have custom cybernetics that allow them to use a host of abilities, represented by cards. These cards are used in turn-based combat for actions such as movement, attacking, defending, and special abilities. Along with combat, you'll also encounter events, character upgrades, and black market shops as you explore each corporation. Add and remove cards from character decks to customize each character to your liking!


  • Random-ish levels
    • Hand-made environments and encounters are pieced together through procedural generation to build each unique level. Changing layouts, hazards, and events keep each run fresh, while enemy encounters and combat maps are designed for fun and challenge.
  • Unique character classes
    • Each player character is represented by a different class, and each class has their own unique cards to build a deck from. One may rely on shields to reduce incoming damage, while another may instead disappear, forcing enemies to attack another target. 
  • Game-changing cybernetic upgrades
    • Along with adding new cards to character decks, characters can also be modified through cybernetic upgrades that you occasionally come across. Unlike abilities, these upgrades are always active and can greatly change how a character plays. Want to drain the life from your enemies with each attack? That can be arranged, at the cost of never healing through standard means again. 
  • It's called power, not mana
    • Using abilities costs power, and the bad news is each round your group's power is reset to zero. The good news is that each ability not only has a power cost, but a recycle value, which can be converted into power when discarded. Do you keep each character balanced and focus your power on the character with the best draws each round? Or do you turn one of your characters into a recycler to fuel their killing machine companion? 


Hostile Takeover - Demo v0.629.zip 144 MB

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I love the recylcing feature, it makes the game so much more intresting, I love it!


Hey! This game is really great! I appreciate the mechanical considerations and enjoy the tactical problems posed by each challenge. I'll tell my friends about it and I look froward to seeing how it will develop.

Hey, thanks a lot! I'd love to hear any feedback (especially negative) that you have. If you're interested in providing any I've got a Discord server with channels specifically for providing feedback - https://discord.gg/BdwueB6. If not, no big deal, and thanks again for playing!