Patch notes for version 0.911


    1. Viruses: Every time a virus triggers, its Cost is permanently reduced by 1. Activating a Virus permanently removes it from your deck, and this is the only way to remove a virus.
    2. Removing Cards: Removing a card can now be done at any time outside of combat, as long as no viruses are installed. However, removing a card corrupts your deck and adds a virus. If you want to trim down your deck, you'll have to do it while dealing with viruses!
    3. The Shop: The Shop is now a UI button that can be accessed any time outside of combat! Having to return to the shop room was an annoyance at best.

    1. Enemy Damage: Enemy Intents now show expected damage! The damage is static, and if players really wanted they could write down how much damage each enemy does and refer to that list. It seems dumb to hide information that's accessible but annoying to get, so enjoy full transparency!
    2. Viewing Decks: When viewing your deck, there are now tabs on the left-side of the window to switch between characters, and buttons at the top to switch between viewing Cards and viewing Upgrades.
    3. Upgrade Cards: Upgrade cards now have their own unique card art! This should make it even clearer at a glance that you aren't looking at a standard card.
    4. Menu Buttons: Menu buttons (Menu, Cards, Map, and the newly-added Remove and Shop buttons) are now vertically down the right-side of the screen instead of horizontally across the top. Eventually these will be cleaned up and look nicer but for now they're functional.

    1. Fixed a bug where killing an enemy with a knockback caused the game to get stuck.
    2. Fixed a bug where virus card text wasn't displaying properly.
    3. Fixed a crash when viewing the decks in the tutorial.
    4. Next room popup no longer trails off-screen on smaller-width resolutions.
    5. Can target out-of-range cells when using cone attacks as long as there are valid targets within the cone.

    1. Radius - Increases all ability radii by 1 per stack. The Enhance Radius card is a little weak right now, but this should allow for some wacky potential with things like Extend-o-matic and future cards that grant +Radius or increased status effects.
    2. Speed - Increases all movement by 1 per stack. Instead of the Move card having differing range values for each character, instead the Ninja will have cards that grant Speed. Also note that this affects ALL movement ranges, including things like Dodge or free temporary movement cards.

    1. Evasion Drain - X is equal to your Evasion. Remove all Evasion.
    2. Fortify Drain - X is equal to your Fortify. Remove all Fortify.
    3. Guarded Movement - +1 Shield for each cell moved.
    4. Hair Trigger - +1 Attack each time this card is Activated this combat.
    5. Meat Charge - Gain Shield equal to damage dealt to HP.
    6. Once More - After Activating return this card to your hand.
    7. Shield Battery - X is equal to your Shield.
    8. Shield Charge - Gain Shield equal to damage dealt to Shields.
    9. Stalker - +1 Range for each point of Stealth you have.

    1. Hitman - Damage reduced [10 -> 8]. Damage reduced to make up for the Scout perk.
    2. Railgun - Gain reduced [2 -> 0]. But seriously, who ever Recycled this card anyway?
    3. Run All - Gain reduced [3 -> 1]. 3 Gain was just too strong, it should be a powerful card for the character that has it, but not both characters.
    4. Steady Shot - Damage reduced [7 -> 4]. Damage reduced to make up for the Scout perk.

    1. Armory (Soldier, 1/0) - Draw 3 cards. Trash.
    2. Blade Dancer (Ninja, 1/1) - Gain +4 Shield and +X Evasion. Enemy Neighbors.
    3. Defensive Stance (Ninja, 1/1) - +3 Shield, +1 Evasion.
    4. Escalating Fire (Soldier, 1/1) - Deal 3 Damage. Range 5. Hair Trigger.
    5. Fade Away (Ninja, 1/1) - Deal 6 Damage. Range 1. Gain 2 Vanish cards.
    6. Glass Cannon (Ninja 0/1) - Gain +X Empower. Evasion Drain.
    7. Hold the Line (Soldier, 1/1) - The next card Activated is drawn into your hand next turn.
    8. Kitchen Sink (Soldier, 2/1) - Gain +4 Shield, +2 Evasion, and +2 Fortify.
    9. Meat Shield (Ninja, 1/1) - Deal 7 Damage. Range 1. Meat Charge.
    10. Panic Button (Neutral, 0/0) - Gain +4 Shield.
    11. Patience (Ninja, 1/1) - Gain +2 Draw Add.
    12. Refurbishments (Soldier, 1/1) - Shuffle your Discard pile into your Draw pile and draw 1 card.
    13. Retreat (Soldier, 1/1) - Move 6 cells. Gain +X Shield. Guarded Movement.
    14. Secondhand Gear (Soldier, 1/1) - Draw the top card of your Discard pile into your hand.
    15. Shield Overload (Soldier, 1/1) - Deal X Damage to all characters within 2 cells. Shield Battery.
    16. Speed Boost (Ninja, 0/1) - Gain +2 Speed. Starter card.
    17. Stolen Shield (Soldier, 2/1) - 6 Damage. Range 4 (cone). Shield Charge.
    18. The Big One (Soldier, 1/1) - Gain +10 Shield. Fortify Drain.
    19. Thousand Cuts (Ninja, 1/1) - Deal 4 Damage. Range 1. Once More.

    1. Enhance Radius (Soldier, 0/1) - +1 Radius.
    2. Move (All, 1/1) - The standard Move card now has a Range of 4 for all characters.
    3. Parry (Ninja, 2/1) - +1 Deflect.
    4. Shroud (Ninja, 1/1) - No longer a starter card. Move up to 6 cells and gain +2 Stealth.
    5. Unseen Hunter (Replaces the card Stalker) (Ninja, 1/1) - Deal 6 Damage. Range 1. Sneak Attack. Stalker.

    1. Anti Virus (Neutral) - Prevents the next 2 viruses from being installed.
    2. Corruption Eater (Neutral) - Virus Costs are reduced by 2 when triggered.
    3. Fortified Cover (Soldier) - Ending a turn in cover grants +1 Fortify. Starter upgrade.
    4. Keeper (Neutral) - Choose 1 card at the end of your turn to keep in your hand next turn.
    5. Power Saver (Neutral) - Power is retained between turns.

    1. Power Generator (Soldier) - No longer a starter upgrade. Gain +1 Shield when Recycling a card.

    1. Infinite Loop (10/0) - Adds a temporary copy of itself to your discard pile. If combat goes on for too long, your deck can get overwhelmed with copies! But triggering a copy also reduces the Cost by 1, helping you to uninstall it faster.
    2. Logic Bomb (4/0) - Trashes a random card in your hand.
    3. Trojan Horse (5/0) - Increases the Cost of a random card in your hand by 1 for this combat.


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