Patch notes for version 0.1202

Not many major changes in this one, just a lot of graphic/UI effects and information relays cleaned up. The tutorial was rewritten and heavily edited, but that will only be seen by new players. Biggest change here is that you can play with two of the same class now!

  • Major Gameplay Changes

    • Same Character Teams: You can now choose to play with two Soldier class characters or two Ninja class characters.
    • Boss Rewards: Defeating a boss now grants a Rare Card (if the character survived) and a guaranteed Upgrade for each character.
    • Free Money: Automatically gain a small amount of credits after each combat.
    • Help Me: The SHIFT button is now a context-sensitive help key that can be held at any time.
      • Combat Idle: Gives text descriptions for Draw/Discard Piles and Hiding/Showing Cards in hand.
      • Hovering a Card: Highlights the card's range.
      • Move Queued: Shows all cells that enemies targeting you can reach.
  • Status Effects

    • Fortified: Now called Armored. Now prevents Shield Breaks for the entire turn, not just for a single attack. Should be a lot more intuitive now - if you or an enemy has Armored, you have to break through the entire Shield or wait out the buff as it decreases each turn.
    • Power Drain: Now reduces X random card's Gain by 1 for that turn only. This originally made your next X Recycles give you 0 Power, but it wasn't explained well enough and too many people assumed it meant you couldn't gain ANY Power that turn.
    • Stealth: Now increases the Range of all attacks.
  • Events

    • Choices: Clickable choices are made much clearer and color-coded for what character is taking the action.
    • Event Graphics: Events now have unique artwork! This gives them a lot more flavor and makes it easier to know each event by its graphic once you become familiar with them.
    • Hydraulic Legs (Reward Change): Event has been reworked to install an Upgrade that grants +1 Speed at the start of each turn. This should allow for more interactions with things like Extend-o-matic rather than a flat movement speed increase.
    • Go Big or Go Home (New Event): Lets you double the Cost and Damage of an offensive ability.
    • Ransomware (New Event): Chooses a random card for each character. You're forced to either permanently remove one of those cards, or lose 40 credits.
    • Vault Breaker (New Event): Choose a character to install both a random Virus and a random Upgrade.
  • GUI

    • Card Animations: Actions such as Discarding cards, Virus triggers, Cost/Gain modifications from Upgrades or Status Effects, and Trashing cards now have a small animation that plays to indicate the action taken. This should help to show what each card/effect is doing and make it easier to follow along with the information given.
    • Character Select: When starting a new game, the character select screen now has two windows that you switch characters with. It also randomly-generates a character name (depending on the class), and if multiple characters of the same class are selected the second one has a different color palette for their highlight colors.
    • Character Shielding: If a character has any Shield, their healthbar text numbers are now blue, and the text "Shielded" will be shown above their healthbar when they are hovered.
    • Draw/Discard Piles: The Draw and Discard piles no longer have the sloppy text and now have icons to indicate their purpose.
  • Card Balance

    • EMP (Soldier): Rarity increased [Standard -> Rare]. Now removes all Shield from any characters in the blast.
    • Flashbang (Soldier): Slow reduced [2 -> 1].
    • Parry (Ninja): Cost reduced [1 -> 0].
    • Unseen Hunter (Ninja): Changed to a buff instead of an attack. Now doubles your Stealth.
  • New Cards

    • Caltrops (Ninja 1/1): Apply +2 Bleeding and +2 Slow. Range 4. Radius 2.


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